Landslide on BR-376 kills two people in Paraná

The Paraná Fire Department estimates that 30 people are missing after the landslide on BR-376. After a large accumulation of rain in the region, a high volume of earth, vegetation and debris slid over the tracks at km 669 on Monday night (28). The road is closed in both directions and there is no timetable for reopening traffic. Six people were rescued alive and two deaths were confirmed. The incident involved 10 passenger vehicles and six trucks.

Tow trucks, trained dogs and drones with a thermally identified camera are being used to find signs of life. “We managed to move forward in the removal of three vehicles and a trailer, a second death was removed from this trailer, this person was removed and is now properly at the IML in the southern region. Today’s difficulty is that the forecast for the afternoon is for an increase in rainfall, the area is already at risk and tends to get worse with these rains, but we are still there with the same number of personnel, 54 firefighters”, reported Colonel Manoel Vasco, commander of the State Fire Department, at a press conference today (30).

Press conference with members of the Crisis Cabinet that monitors the situation of landslides on Paraná's highways

Press conference with members of the Crisis Cabinet that monitors the situation of landslides on Paraná’s highways – Albari Rosa / AEN


The Civil Defense of Paraná reported that the roadblocks on the BR-376 are at the toll plaza in São José dos Pinhais (towards Santa Catarina), at km 635, and in Garuva (towards Curitiba), at km 1. These are areas with the possibility of return so that no one is stuck on the highway while the track is not released.

Teams from the Fire Department, Military Police and Scientific Police work around the clock to respond to the incident, which reached km 669 of the highway in the Serra do Mar region.

At the site, 54 military firefighters are working on two fronts, one to the north and the other to the south of the landslide site. The goal is to work together in the search for victims, trying to find access routes over the still soaked land to access visible vehicles.

Missing people

Relatives and friends of people who may have disappeared in that location can contact the Scientific Police Service Center by phone (41) 3361-7242. The service operates 24 hours a day. Additionally, further information about the event can be obtained by calling the City Police Operations Center – 0800-282-8082.


At the moment, the only route available to access the coast of Paraná is through the BR-116, towards Rio Negro, and heading to Joinville before returning to Paraná, passing through Garuva. DER/PR recommends that, if possible, users avoid traveling towards the coast of Paraná while the situation is not alleviated, since the forecast for more rain is maintained for the next few days, which, in addition to aggravating the situation, jeopardizes road recovery services.

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From Brazil, by EBC News