Federal collection reaches R$ 205.47 billion in October

The Union collected R$ 205.47 billion in taxes in October, according to data released today (29), in Brasília, by the Federal Revenue Service. Compared to October last year, there was a real growth of 7.97%, that is, above inflation in values ​​corrected by the Extended National Consumer Price Index (IPCA). The value is the highest since 2000, both for October and for the accumulated period.

In the year, collection reached R$ 1.83 trillion, representing an increase above inflation of 9.35%. Data on October collections are available on the Federal Revenue website.

As for revenue managed by the Federal Revenue, the amount collected in October was R$ 185.284 billion, representing a real increase of 7.39%, while in the accumulated period from January to October the collection reached R$ 1.71 trillion, real increase of 7.62%.

The increase can be explained mainly by the growth in payments of Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ) and Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL), which is levied on companies’ profits. According to the Revenue, they are important indicators of economic activity, above all, the productive sector.

corporate profit

IRPJ and CSLL totaled a collection of R$53.88 billion, with real growth of 13.01% compared to the same month of 2021. This result is explained by the real increase of 11.24% in the collection of the monthly estimate of companies. In calculating by monthly estimate, the actual profit will be calculated annually, and the company is obliged to pay the tax monthly, calculated on an estimated basis.

There was also growth of 23.06% in the collection of the quarterly balance sheet and 10.50% in the collection of presumed profit.

The Revenue also observes that there were atypical payments of IRPJ and CSLL of approximately R$ 3 billion, by companies linked to the commoditiesassociated with mining and fuel extraction and refining.

In the accumulated result for the year, IRPJ and CSLL amounted to R$ 427.80 billion, with real growth of 19.48%. This performance is explained by the increases of 82.25% in the collection related to the IRPJ and CSLL adjustment declaration, resulting from taxable events that occurred throughout 2021, and of 18.97% in the collection of the monthly estimate.

“Growth stands out in all forms of profit calculation. In addition, there were atypical payments in the order of R$ 40 billion, especially by companies linked to the exploration of commoditiesin the period from January to October of this year, and R$ 36 billion, in the same period of 2021 ”, informed the Federal Revenue Service.

Extraordinary revenues were offset by tax exemptions. In October alone, the reduction in PIS/Confins (Social Integration Program/Contribution for Social Security Financing) rates on fuel resulted in a R$3.75 billion exemption. In the year, it reaches R$ 18.35 billion. Already the reduction of Tax rates on Industrialized Products (IPI) cost R$ 1.9 billion to Revenue last month and R$ 13.40 billion from January to October.

“Without considering the non-recurring factors, there would be a real growth of 12.18% in the collection for the accumulated period and 9.35% in the month of October 2022”, informed the agency.

Other highlights

Another highlight of the October collection was Social Security Revenue, which reached R$ 44.98 billion, with a real increase of 6.33%, due to the real increase of 15.90% in the wage bill. In the accumulated result for the year, the result reaches R$ 440.66 billion, a real increase of 6.21%. This last item can be explained by the real increase of 7.38% in the wage bill and the real increase of 17.37% in the collection of the Simples Nacional social security contribution from January to October of this year, in relation to the same period of 2021.

In addition, there was an increase in tax offsets with social security revenue debts due to Law 13,670/18, which prohibited the use of tax credits to offset debts of monthly IRPJ and CSLL estimates.

Income Tax Withheld at Source (IRRF) – Capital Income collected R$ 6.56 billion last month, with a real increase of 57.16%. From January to October, the value reaches R$ 69.52 billion, a real increase of 62.25%. The results can be explained as a result of the rise in the Selic rate, which influenced the collection of earnings from funds and fixed income securities.

The IRRF-Income of Residents Abroad presented a collection of R$ 5.32 billion in October, a real growth of 75.58%. According to the Revenue, this source has a very volatile behavior throughout the year and had significant growth in the month.

The result is due to nominal increases of 139.10% in the collection of Income from Salaried Work, 51.04% in the collection of Royalties and Technical Assistance, 115.76% in Interest and Commissions in General and 115.11% in the collection of Interest on Equity.

macroeconomic indicators

The Federal Revenue Service also presented the main macroeconomic indicators that help explain the collection performance, both in the month and in the accumulated result for the year. Among them is the sale of services, with growth of 9.70% in September (generating factor of the October collection and 8.74% in the year) and the wage bill, which maintained a significant growth of 24.21% in the month ( 18.57% in the year), compared to the same month of 2021.

The dollar value of imports also grew 11.82% in relation to September last year (25.32% in the year).

Industrial production expanded by 1.17% in September, but fell by 1.20% in the year, compared to the period from January to September 2021. As for the sale of goods, it increased by 1% in the month and decreased of 0.95% in the year.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News