Rains cause trees to fall and flood points in SP

The storm with hail that hit the capital of São Paulo and the metropolitan region of São Paulo yesterday (28) resulted in 21 calls for falling trees, 47 for flooding and one for landslides, according to information from the Fire Department. Since midnight there have been three calls for downed trees. It rained during the game between Brazil and Switzerland, for the Soccer World Cup.

According to the CGE (Emergency Management Center) of the capital, the state of attention for flooding that was decreed for eight regions in the city ended around 3:30 pm. There was an overflow of the Morro do S stream, in Campo Limpo, in the South zone; in Córrego Mooca, Vila Prudente, east zone; in Córrego Franquinho, Penha, east zone; Córrego do Lajeado, Itaim Paulista, East Zone.

Wind gusts ranging from 35.2km/h to 56.8km/h were also recorded in the North, East, South zones and in the region of Cumbica International Airport, in Guarulhos.

Weather forecast

According to the CGE, the city of São Paulo dawned with a cloudy sky and an average temperature of around 17.2°C during the night. In the course of the morning, the sun appeared between clouds. From the beginning of the afternoon, the condition will be of moderate to heavy rain with high potential for the formation of flooding and overflows of rivers and streams. In the early evening, the rain decreases in intensity and the day should end with light rain and drizzle.

The maximum temperature reaches values ​​close to 25°C, with minimum air humidity rates above 60%. The average accumulated rainfall for November 2022 in the city of São Paulo so far is 131.3mm, which represents 97.3% of the 134.9mm expected for the month.

According to meteorologists, the situation is a reflection of the action of the low atmospheric pressure system over the Southeast Region with its most active center over the state of São Paulo, which causes expressive volumes of rain over the city, metropolitan region and the coastal strip of the state. The rains should continue into the first week of December, with a gradual rise in temperatures.

According to the forecast by the CGE, tomorrow (30th) there should be occasional showers at dawn, mainly in the most extreme neighborhoods of the South zone, with thermometers averaging around 17°C. There is sun and cloud variation in the morning, with the return of rain showers between mid-afternoon and early evening and the expected maximum temperature of 26°C and minimum percentages of air humidity above 50%.

On this Thursday (1st), the weather conditions will remain unstable throughout the day and, during the early morning, temperatures are in the range of 18°C ​​and in the morning the sun appears between clouds. The heaviest rain returns in the afternoon and lasts until the beginning of the night, decreasing in intensity.

Both on Wednesday and Thursday, there is potential for the formation of impassable floods, river and stream overflows and landslides on slopes in risk areas, due to the rain of the previous days.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News