Last days of Flip have 12 tables and tribute to Clarice Lispector

In these last two days of the International Literary Festival of Paraty (Flip), which ends on Sunday (27), the public who attend the historical city in the state of Rio de Janeiro will be able to enjoy a diversified and representative program, which goes far beyond literature. There will only be 12 debate tables, between the main programming and the educational program.

Still this morning (26th), at 10 am, the Cities and forest table brings ancestral knowledge and local practices to the center of the debate on the construction of open systems in cities, with musician Luís Perequê, educator, philosopher and artisan Cris Takuá and indigenous leader and filmmaker Carlos Papá, both from the Guarani Mbya people.

At the Claudia Andujar Exhibition, Cinema da Praça is showing today, at 5 pm, the film The Last Forest, documentary by Luiz Bolognesi about the Yanomami people, released last year. Spoken in Yanomami, it shows the isolated group in the Amazon and the struggle of shaman Davi Kopenawa to keep the forest spirits and traditions alive, while the arrival of miners brings death and disease to the community.

Already the table Enter the forest of light, at 7 pm, debates decoloniality with the mediation of philosopher and writer Djamila Ribeiro, in a meeting of narrative talent with diverse socio-historical perspectives. Participating are North American writer and professor Saidiya Hartman, Argentine anthropologist Rita Segato and fiction writer, editor and literary critic Luiz Mauricio Azevedo.

Later, at 21:00, the table free word presents a poetic and political dialogue between different artistic expressions, with the poet performer Portuguese-Angolan Alice Neto de Sousa, Bahian actor, director and writer Lázaro Ramos and social scientist and slamer Midria.

The last table of the event, tomorrow at 3 pm, will be bedside booksin which the authors Cecilia Pavón, Cidinha da Silva, Ladee Hubbard, Nastassja Martin and Teresa Cárdenas will make a collective reading of excerpts from their works.

Also tomorrow, at 5 pm, Cinema da Praça will show the film Clarice Lispector – The Discovery of the World, by director Taciana Oliveira. The documentary work rescues a selection of testimonies by the writer and interviews with friends and family, interspersed with excerpts adapted from her work.

Republic House

At Casa Repú, the organization took to Flip a program that discusses the importance of governments and public service for the country and democracy, with the participation of writers who work in public services. The events take place at Rua Dona Geralda, 25, in the Historic Center of Paraty.

Today, at 10:30 am, the conversation will focus on Years of public life, with Itamar Vieira Jr, an Incra employee and author of the acclaimed Crooked Plow, and former Flip curator Paulo Werneck. At 12:30 pm, biographer Ivan Marques talks with Paulo Roberto Pires about João Cabral de Melo Neto in the roda At office time🇧🇷

At 5 pm, it will be the turn of the journalist from EBCPaulliny Tort, author of wild grass, elected best short story book by the São Paulo Association of Art Critics and nominated for this year’s Jabuti Prize, talk to journalist Plínio Fraga about Tales from bureaucratic life. Closing the day’s schedule, at 7 pm, authors Chico Gaetani and Miguel Lago talk to economist and human rights activist Alessandra Orofino about the topic Rebuilding the State in the 21st Century🇧🇷

Tomorrow, Casa Repú and Casa Folha host a conversation between Nobel Prize winner Annie Ernaux and writer Geovani Martins at the event An event…literary🇧🇷 The meeting will take place at Casa Folha, Rua do Comércio, 8, in the historic center.

Also part of Flip are conversation circles, yoga classes and musical performances throughout the day. The complete schedule is available on the website. The honoree of this edition is the writer Maria Firmino dos Reis.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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