Ministry of Health launches program aimed at menstrual health

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The Ministry of Health launched this Wednesday (23) the ordinance that establishes financial incentives for the Program for the Protection and Promotion of Menstrual Health. The initiative ensures the free supply and distribution of sanitary napkins to approximately 4 million adolescents and women in 3,500 Brazilian municipalities within the scope of the Unified Health System (SUS).

In 2022, R$ 23.4 million will be invested in the last two months of the year. For 2023, the goal is to invest R$140.4 million and for 2024, the transfer will also be R$140.4 million, taking into account the number of beneficiaries.

The program includes 3.5 million low-income students, enrolled in primary and secondary education, Youth and Adult Education (EJA) and professional education, in schools agreed to join the Health at School Program (PSE).

291,000 adolescents hospitalized in socio-educational measure compliance units, registered in a Family Health team or Primary Care team, observing the criteria of the Previne Brazil Program (age group between 12 and 21 years old), may also receive the incentive. Another 17,200 women living on the street or in a situation of extreme social vulnerability, registered in the Street Clinic team approved by the Ministry of Health, observing the criteria of the Previne Brazil Program – age group between 08 and 50 years.

The program will be implemented in an integrated manner between the Union, states and municipalities, through the actions of the areas of health, social assistance, education and public safety. The distribution will depend on the organization of each municipality, in places such as Basic Health Units, schools that participate in the Health at School Program and Street Clinics that are approved by the Ministry of Health.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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