week celebrates Radio and Hip Hop Day

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Today is the Day of the week from November 6th to 12th highlights a cultural expression originated in Afro-descendant communities in New York, in the United States. Celebrated on Saturday (12), hip-hop emerged in the 70s as a style that combines dance, music and social action. In Brazil, São Paulo is the biggest hip-hop center in Latin America. Check out the article Reporter Brazil.

The program It’s All Brazil gives National Radio pays homage to the style with the participation of music researcher and hip-hop specialist Leandro Dourado and an interview with rapper Rico Dalasam.

This week, great Brazilian artists are also honored. The samba singer Paulinho da Viola turns 80 on Saturday (12) with a vast contribution to Brazilian music. The artist has already been featured on the program Samba in Gamboapresented by Diogo Nogueira.

Singer Ellen Oléria is also one of the birthdays of the week and turns 40 this Saturday (12). Along with journalist Fernando Oliveira (Fefito) and Mel Gonçalves, the artist was the presenter of the program Plural Station gives TV Brazil.

In episode of follow the soundthe singer interprets hits and talks about her career.

First Brazilian novelist

On Friday (11), marks the 105th anniversary of the death of Maria Firmina dos Reis, from Maranhão, Brazil‘s first novelist. The name little known by Brazilians made history in the 19th century with novels such as “Úrsula” (1859) and “A Escrava” (1887), abolitionist works published amid the effervescence of campaigns against slavery in the country. Learn more about the history of this great name in literature at MEC antenna.

In addition to having an important role in literature and in the anti-slavery struggle, she was also the first woman to pass a public contest in the state of Maranhão. Maria Firmina dos Reis acted as a teacher. After retiring, she founded a free school for boys and girls, a revolutionary initiative at the time. The educator was featured in the programete Letters & Memory.

National Day to Prevent and Combat Deafness

Thursday (10) marks the National Day for the Prevention and Combat of Deafness. One of the main precautions to maintain healthy hearing is to avoid high volumes and long periods of exposure to headphones.

Specialist heard by national afternoon explains that the prevalence of hearing loss is high among the population, reaching 20%. The number is even higher among the elderly population. Therefore, it is essential that this group undergo audiological exams annually.

O national afternoon also talks about the risks of inappropriate use of cotton swabs and other factors that can lead to deafness.

Broadcaster’s Day

The date is a tribute to the composer and broadcaster Ary Barroso, but the commemoration of Dia do Radialista still generates confusion, as for a long time the date was celebrated on September 21. However, a federal law signed in 2006 transferred the day of homage to radio broadcasters to November 7th. Even so, many began to celebrate the Radio Broadcaster’s Day on both dates.

Check out the weekly list of Hoje é Dia with dates, historical facts and holidays:

November 6th to 12th, 2022


Birth of the São Paulo politician living in Ceará Ciro Gomes (65 years old)

International Day for the Prevention of Exploitation of the Environment in Times of War and Armed Conflict – commemoration instituted by the UN in Resolution 56/4, of November 5, 2001

Inauguration of Viaduto do Chá in São Paulo (130 years)

Outbreak of the Sabinada Revolt in Salvador (185 years old)


Birth of Polish scientist Marie Curie (155 years old)

Birth of São Paulo politician Geraldo Alckmin (70 years old)

Radio Broadcaster Day – tribute to composer and broadcaster Ary Barroso (official date). The commemoration of Radio Broadcaster’s Day still generates confusion, as for a long time the date was celebrated on September 21. However, a federal law signed in 2006 transferred the day of homage to radio broadcasters to November 7th. Even so, many started to celebrate the Radio Broadcaster’s Day on the two dates


Birth of Irish writer Bram Stoker (age 175) – world-renowned for his Gothic novel Dracula (1897), the main work in the development of the modern literary myth of the vampire

World Radiologist Day – international commemoration, which is currently officially recognized as National Radiologist Day in Brazil; aims to mark the date of the discovery of X-rays, made on November 8, 1895 by the German scientist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

World Urbanism Day – international commemoration, created at the 1935 Besançon Congress in France, which was later made official in Brazil as National Urbanism Day;


Program launch the sky of Brazilaired on Radio MEC (44 years old) – program that approached celestial phenomena, in an accessible way to listeners


Birth of Belgian architect and painter Paul Onclinx (105 years old)

Establishment of the Estado Novo political regime in Brazil by Getúlio Vargas (85 years old)

World Science Day for Peace and Development – commemoration instituted in 2001 by UNESCO

National Day to Prevent and Combat Deafness


Death of Maranhão writer Maria Firmina dos Reis (105 years old) – first Brazilian novelist

Approval of the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights by UNESCO (25 years)


Birth of carioca singer and songwriter Paulinho da Viola (80 years old)

Birth of Brazilian singer and songwriter Ellen Oléria (40 years old)

Birth of São Paulo soccer player Benedito de Assis Silva, known as Assis (70 years old)

World Hip Hop Day – celebrated to mark the date of the creation of the Zulu Nation, on November 12, 1973, in the New York neighborhood of the Bronx, in the United States. The Zulu Nation is billed as the first organization to officially include hip hop in its interests as it works to convert suburban violence into artistic games.

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