Minister: MP to combat harassment in education brings a change in culture

Based on an action taken by a university in Ceará, the federal government published this week a provisional measure (MP) to prevent sexual harassment in educational institutions. “The MP brings a change in culture by bringing a series of informative materials, courses for awareness, but also with the obligation of educational institutions to present a practical plan with concrete actions so that these people who are victims of sexual harassment feel safe to report and that the denunciation has consequences”, said the Minister of Education, Victor Godoy, in an interview with the program The Voice of Brazil this Friday (28).

According to the minister, after the Ceará university implemented the plan, 14 teachers were removed from educational activities for having sexually harassed students. Professionals who become aware of harassment situations will have an obligation to report it.


This week, the National Education Council approved an opinion on teaching education for basic education students. Godoy points out that the plan covers the preparation of teachers and partnerships with companies in the field, such as Microsoft, Google and Oracle.

“We live in the world of technology, we are talking about metaverse, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, so we need to think about how to prepare students for this world and for what will come in the future”, defended the minister. Secondly, schools will have a period of one year to insert into the curriculum, from the beginning of elementary education, from the first year, to the third year of high school, activities that include this computational thinking.

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Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News