South Korea announces sanctions against North Korea

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South Korea announced the first sanctions in five years against North Korea in response to recent missile launches by Kim Jong-un’s regime.

“The government of the Republic of Korea (South Korea’s official name) strongly condemns the recent missile provocations, carried out with unprecedented frequency, involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons against us,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. Korean, which details the new punishments.

The new sanctions affect 15 North Korean individuals and 16 entities, according to the text.

The individuals who have received sanctions include four members of the Second Academy of Natural Sciences, a North Korean state organization that, according to the United Nations (UN), is responsible for research and development of advanced weapons.

The rest belong to entities involved in importing materials that can be used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction.

Among the 16 entities targeted are logistics companies or companies involved in the trade of electronics, steel or crude oil.

The sanctions announcement came after North Korea’s latest launch of a short-range ballistic missile, following air exercises near the two-Korean border, where the North’s military forces also fired hundreds of rounds of artillery.

Pyongyang said it was a response to “provocative actions” by South Korea, whose troops held drills near the border on Thursday.

The latest launch is Pyongyang’s ninth since Sept. 25, in a succession of tests of tactical nuclear weapons systems, in response to recent maneuvers in the south of the peninsula, including a US aircraft carrier.

Analysts said they believe other North Korean tests are on the horizon, including a new underground nuclear detonation, the first since September 2017.

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