PM and Metro sign partnership to reinforce security at SP stations

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After several episodes of violence and robberies that have taken place in recent months on the trains and stations of the São Paulo Metro, the Military Police today (28) signed an agreement with the Metro to try to curb these crimes. The agreement, according to the Public Security Secretariat, provides for the reinforcement of 180 off-duty police officers working at the stations and lines of this transport in the capital of São Paulo.

These police officers will work on a special daily rate for extraordinary military work hours (Dejem), which was hired by the Metro. According to the secretariat, this work will be done by voluntary membership, that is, the military police officers who wish will be able to compete for the 180 vacancies that have been opened.

“We will have police officers in uniform, armed and with external communication to request police support from the (external) area, if necessary,” said Álvaro Batista Camilo, executive secretary of the Military Police.

Every semester, a commission formed by members of the Metro Operations Department and the PM’s Operational Area will define which stations should receive greater security reinforcement.

“The partnership with the PM will bring more security to our system. Our agents will be able to serve passengers even better and the military police will help to deter crimes on our 4 lines”, said Silvani Pereira, CEO of Metrô.

The monthly cost of the agreement can reach R$ 1.4 million per month, according to the number of police officers who join. The partnership begins to work in October this year and will be valid for 15 months, and can be extended up to a limit of five years.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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