Ciro defends inclusion of a minimum income program in the Constitution

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The PDT candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Ciro Gomes, campaigned in the municipality of Taboão da Serra (SP), this morning (27). In a meeting with workers, the pedetista defended the inclusion of a minimum income program in the Constitution, in order to guarantee this right to the most vulnerable families, eliminating the dependence of these families on the will of the government on duty to help them.

For Ciro, this is a plan to end hunger in the country. According to Ciro’s calculations, the program would cost R$ 380 billion a year, less than, according to him, the country stops paying interest on debts. “Do you know how much the Brazilian government took from the safe in the last 12 months to pay interest to the bank? BRL 500 billion. In other words, the program to end hunger and poverty costs R$ 380 billion. In Brazil, the system only serves to serve those in power, who bought Brazilian politics”, criticized the candidate.

To the workers, the candidate also spoke about the indebtedness of families. His proposal for this issue is that the State help these families to obtain a discount to be able to pay off the debt. “Call all the indebted families and call all the credit card holders, the water and sewage company, the energy company, where the people are hanging on the debt and ask for a discount. The government comes in to help people get a discount. I have done this many times in Ceará,” he said.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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