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The Minister of Education, Victor Godoy, said today (27) that there is a challenge in Brazilian basic education to solve the gap between students who are in the same grade. In an interview today (27) to the program The Voice of Brazilhe stated that, many times, students do not have the required knowledge of that specific grade.

“Today you have a big gap. A 6th grade math teacher takes in students who are at different levels of knowledge and he has no way of identifying that,” she said.

According to Godoy, dealing with this issue is one of the objectives of the National Policy for the Recovery of Learning in Basic Education, implemented in May this year. “It is a policy that is quite comprehensive because it attacks several dimensions of this recovery of students, both with regard to the knowledge that was lost and the fight against evasion and abandonment and the development of socio-emotional skills. There is the use of technology to speed up this whole process”.

The minister mentioned the existence of a new diagnostic and training platform, open to schools in all states and municipalities. According to him, the instrument allows the teacher to take tests to diagnose the students’ level of knowledge in four subjects (Portuguese language, mathematics, science and English), from the first year of elementary school to the third year of high school.

“The application will show the teacher, according to our national curriculum, what knowledge that student should have and does not have. And it will guide the school to regroup students according to their level of knowledge. He will see the students who do not know how to add, from the 3rd year, from the 4th year, from the 5th year, from the 7th year, from the 8th year, he will regroup these students and work on this school reinforcement with these students”.

According to Victor Godoy, the platform is currently used to assess and assist the recovery of more than 6 million students.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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