Presidential candidates campaign this Sunday

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The presidential candidates and campaigned this Sunday and among the cities that were on the agenda are Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. Among the activities were walks, acts and recordings for the last week of the free electoral program before the first round.

Ciro Gomes

PDT presidential candidate Ciro Gomes participated in the Red Rose walk in Copacabana, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. “I count on each and every one of Brazilians, I want the support of the humiliated, the support of those who are constrained in debt, the support of those who are at the peak of informality, looking towards a future of old age without any protection. I want Brazil‘s support to reconcile our nation around an emancipatory project,” he said.

The candidate also presented, in a speech, data that show, over the last few years, the increase in unemployment and the loss of purchasing power. “The task is to build a new Brazil”. Then, the candidate participated in a walk in Rocinha, also in the South Zone. Ciro walked up the hill and went to the headquarters of a residents’ association, at the top of the community, where he talked to the population.

Jair Bolsonaro

Reelection candidate Jair Bolsonaro had no official campaign commitments this Sunday, although he rode a motorcycle in Brasília in the morning, when he stopped and talked to voters. At 7 pm he broadcast a live on his social networks. Bolsonaro spoke about the campaign trips he took last week in Brazilia and thanked people for attending. “We see a lot of people dressed in yellow”, he said that, if “there are clean, transparent elections, the result has to be respected”. The president also promised the direct sale of cooking gas, as he did with ethanol in his current administration.

Bolsonaro used part of the live to solicit votes for Senate candidates he supports in several states in all regions of the country. “We have to have a strong, independent Senate,” said the reelection candidate.


PT candidate for president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva participated today (25) in an act at the Portela court, in Madureira, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. In a speech, Lula encouraged people to go to the polls next Sunday (2): “It is important that people show up to vote, even so they have the right to charge, demand. In these last days, we are going to campaign to convince as many people as possible to vote”.

The candidate also reinforced some of the campaign’s social banners. “I just want to be president because I want to take care of the people. And the people don’t want much, they want to have their own little house, a job, to earn a fair wage. And for that you need a profession. A mother’s biggest dream is to see her son or daughter with a profession. If the child has a university degree, she is already going to heaven with joy,” she said.

Simone Tebet

Senator and presidential candidate Simone Tebet (MDB) participated in the Ágora Regional Forum in defense of housing, in São Paulo. Simone also took a walk through the North Zone of São Paulo and spoke with the electorate.

In an interview, the candidate said that, if elected, she intends to deliver one million affordable homes to low-income people during her four-year term. “250,000 homes a year are R$20 billion. It’s just an end to the secret budget, which is exactly that amount,” she said.

Sofia Manzano

PCB presidential candidate Sofia Manzano campaigned in Belo Horizonte. She did leafleting and a walk with supporters downtown. Manzano also participated in a plenary session, followed by a lunch, at the headquarters of the Union of Workers in Advisory, Research, Expertise and Information Companies of the State of Minas Gerais (Sintappi).

On social media, the candidate showed optimism for the last week of the election campaign before the first round. “We have entered the final stretch of the campaign and interest and engagement in our campaign is only increasing,” she said.

Soraya Thronicke

The candidate for president for União Brazil Soraya Thronicke met with the team of her press office in the morning. In the afternoon, she recorded material for electoral propaganda. At the beginning of the night, the candidate’s schedule provided for a live.

In her social networks, the candidate highlighted the issue of hunger. “Every trip to the supermarket is a source of sadness for the Brazilian people. Despite the government saying that there is no hunger in our country, it has knocked on the door of millions of people. Let’s come together to change this situation,” she wrote.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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