Ciro defends cutting tax waivers to finance stopped works

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The PDT candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Ciro Gomes, said that, if elected, he would resume 14,000 stopped works in the country. Ciro referred mainly to works interrupted at about 20% of completion. The pedestrian defended resuming these works with funds from collected taxes. For this, he proposes to reduce the amount of tax waivers in force today.

“The money [para as obras] will come from a set of measures. But the most obvious, at first glance, is to cut 20% of all tax breaks. Today, Brazil exempts from paying taxes, due to a series of inexplicable privileges, R$ 350 billion per year. If I cut 20%, I have R$ 70 billion, enough resources to make a big change in this game in one year”, said Ciro.

The tax waivers, contested by Ciro, are benefits that the government grants to different sectors of the economy, giving up receiving part of the taxes from these sectors. In practice, it is a government decision to reduce companies’ charges and, thus, stimulate their investments in the domestic market, create jobs or even curb personnel cuts.

He spoke to journalists after meeting with representatives of the National Transport Confederation (CNT) on its campaign committee in São Paulo. In Ciro’s estimation, resuming these works will boost the economy, generate 5 million jobs in two years, in addition to the benefits that the completion of the works will bring. According to him, there is an effect not only on employment, but on quality of life. “For example, you finish a basic sanitation project”.


Tomorrow (24) morning, Ciro will meet with representatives of the National Association of Federal Police Delegates (ADPF). At the end of the afternoon, he moves on to the presidential debate, held by a communication pool made up of various print, radio and television media.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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