Minister highlights the need for investments in bicycle lanes in cities

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The Minister of Regional Development, Daniel Ferreira, said today (23) that it is necessary to invest in non-motorized transport, such as bicycles, to improve mobility in large Brazilian cities. According to him, expanding the infrastructure of bike paths may be an option for cities like São Paulo.

“Resolving the problem of urban mobility in São Paulo, for example, requires you to carry out underground or aerial work. You no longer have the possibility to adopt another solution. So investing in non-motorized solutions works very well. In Amsterdam, Paris and London, people ride their bicycles with ease. But it has the infrastructure for that. We have to support this type of investment”, explained Ferreira, in an interview with the program The Voice of Brazil.

The two largest cities in the country already have their own cycling networks. São Paulo has around 700 kilometers of bicycle lanes. Rio has about 470 km. Both municipalities have projects to expand their networks. The capital of São Paulo wants to reach 1,800 km by 2028, while Rio expects to exceed 600 km by 2029 (according to plan released in 2021).

This week, the National Traffic and Mobility Week is celebrated, with the aim of promoting reflection on the importance of safe transit and public policies for urban mobility.

“Expanding urban mobility in cities changes not only the dynamics of families, but also changes economic dynamics. If you have delivery services, product flow becomes more efficient. If the commute to work is faster, the person is more productive and returns home happier”, said the minister.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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