About 60 million Brazilians already have a digital transit card

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The digital transit card (CDT) is already used by about 60 million Brazilian drivers. The information was released today (22) by the National Traffic Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Frederico Carneiro, in an interview with the program The Voice of Brazil.

The number represents about 77% of the more than 78 million licensed drivers across the country. The application, from the federal government, allows the driver to have, on his cell phone, digital copies of the national driver’s license (CNH) and the vehicle licensing and registration certificate (CLRV, the vehicle document).

“It is a service that brings many facilities, many benefits. You can have your driver’s license and vehicle document in digital media, in addition to being able to manage any infractions you may have committed. We have an electronic notification system that allows all assessments to be forwarded through the app, allowing the offender to pay the fines with a 40% discount”, he explained.

According to Carneiro, by allowing the digital assessment, the application also guarantees savings for transit agencies, which do not need to pay for sending the assessment by post.

The CDT underwent a reformulation and, according to the secretary, as of today, it will allow accession to the National Positive Drivers Registry (RNPC), also known as the positive registration of drivers.

The registry allows private companies and public bodies to offer benefits and advantages to drivers, such as reductions in public and private service fees, differentiated conditions for vehicle rental and insurance, discounts on tolls and parking, and cashback.

“The positive registration comes with a new proposal for traffic education. Instead of just fines and penalties for the offending driver, we bring a proposal for incentives, also concerned with safety”, said the secretary.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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