Bolsonaro: I did not close businesses in the pandemic to avoid unemployment

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President Jair Bolsonaro, candidate for reelection, highlighted that he did not close businesses during the covid-19 pandemic to prevent unemployment from reaching the country. He spoke during a rally, on Thursday afternoon (22), in Belém, capital of Pará, where he arrived earlier and toured the city’s streets on a motorcycle.

On the platform, the reelection candidate addressed supporters and highlighted the government’s efforts to invest in resources to fight the pandemic, but without encouraging the closure of the economy.

“During the pandemic, I did not close a single store in Brazil. I have always said that we must take care of people and also prevent unemployment from falling in our country. We did our part. We spent BRL 700 billion in 2020,” Bolsonaro said.

The reelection candidate also highlighted the good economic indices in Brazil today, with a decline in fuel prices and a reduction in inflation.

“Who expected gasoline below R$5? We will face the third month with negative inflation. We are admired around the world. We take care of the most humble and needy. Today we have Auxílio Brazil which is equivalent to three times the Bolsa Família”, she said.

Bolsonaro also thanked the support that the people of Pará gave him in the 2018 elections and expressed his conviction that he could win this year’s presidential election in the first round.

“To all of you, I just have to thank you for the support I had in 2018. And I’m sure that support will be doubled on the occasion of the October 2 elections. And what is better: we will win in the first round”, said the president.


After his schedule in Belém, Bolsonaro flew to Manaus, where he attended another late-afternoon rally. On the platform, he highlighted the qualities of the Amazon region, saying that it is a piece of paradise.

Brazil is the promised land and the Amazon is a piece of this paradise. Here is the richest land in the world. In the region, we have 20 million inhabitants that, with each passing day, we rescue their values. We have everything yes, in this homeland, to be a great nation,” he said.

According to the re-election candidate, the moment is of extreme responsibility, with the elections on October 2nd approaching.

“The future of our homeland is in your choices. I’m sure that after re-election, everything will be different. We will enforce what is written in our Constitution. Nobody in the world has what we have. We are, more and more, putting Brazil forward”, she declared.

Article updated at 8:46 pm to increase coverage of the campaign in Manaus.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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