Simone Tebet defends green economy during event in Maranhão

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On the second day of campaigning in the capital of Maranhão, São Luís, the MDB candidate for the presidency, Simone Tebet, took a walk this morning (16), through the Mercado das Tulhas, a center for handicrafts and typical foods. There, she defended “zero illegal deforestation”: “it is not possible to have an economy that is not green. If we don’t have sustainability, the world will close its doors to Brazil, we will no longer put the meat produced in Brazil in supermarkets in Europe, we will no longer sell our grains”.

The candidate said that it is necessary to invest more in a development plan for the regions that present the worst development indices. In her assessment, it is necessary to stop associating the Northeast with problems. “The Northeast has solutions for Brazil. Here we have nine very rich states, each within its own diversity. There is a lack of political will and for the money, which is the people’s money, to get here. Regrettably, the funds leave Brasília and trickle along the way, falling into the pockets of part of the political class. And when it gets here, it gets halfway there,” she said.

Another issue addressed by the emedebista was the right of indigenous peoples to land. “The native peoples, as the name implies, arrived before us. We have to comply with the law, carry out anthropological studies to determine which areas really belong to indigenous populations, verify the ownership and if perhaps that rural landowner had peaceful, peaceful or titled possession”, she pointed out.

Still in Maranhão, Tebet spoke of the importance of Brazil rescuing domestic tourism, a sector that, he observed, heats up the economy, which pollutes little, generates employment and income and enriches the country’s economic diversity. “This is what we want for Brazil. We need to carry out tax reform to reduce taxes and encourage local tourism so that this sector can be the great generator of employment and income that the country currently lacks,” he said.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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