Guarulhos Airport operates with new runway threshold numbers

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The designations of the runway thresholds at São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, underwent changes for the first time since the terminal’s inauguration in 1985.

The designation numbers of runway thresholds may change over time due to magnetic declination, which is the angle between Earth’s True North and Earth’s Magnetic North. The average change is 1 degree every 10 years.

Identification is intended to guide pilots in direction during takeoff and landing procedures. The change has been in effect since Thursday (8), informed GRU Airport, the concessionaire that manages the airport.

According to the Department of Airspace Control (Decea), the two digits that identify the thresholds of a runway are defined according to its bearing or magnetic compass orientation. They can vary from 1 to 36. When the compass is pointed to a certain headland and indicates 250 degrees, for example, it is identified with the number 25.

At Guarulhos Airport, the directions of the runways changed from 95 to 96 and from 275 to 276. Thus, it was necessary to replace the horizontal and vertical signs on the ground of the headland designations, rounding them to the upper tens, that is, to 10 and 28, respectively.

“These numbers serve as an aid to controllers for directing flights when they inform pilots which runways are. [em] that must take off or land. Since the inauguration of Guarulhos Airport, 37 years ago, the same identification was used”, said the Director of Operations at GRU Airport, Admilson Silva.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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