Court orders arrest of man accused of politically motivated murder

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The justice of Mato Grosso decreed the preventive detention of one accused of murder motivated by political argument. The crime took place yesterday (8) in Confresa, in the interior of the state.

According to the police report registered at the municipal police station, Rafael Silva de Oliveira stabbed and tried to decapitate Benedito Cardoso dos Santos after the argument had escalated to blows. Both worked together on a farm in the countryside.

“When asking the suspect about the motivation of the crime, he confessed that he started a political discussion, which evolved into a de facto, exchange of punches, in which the victim said he was a voter of “Lula”, the suspect said he was ” Bolsonaro”, says an excerpt from the document.

After being arrested in the act by the Military Police, the accused told the police officers responsible for the occurrence that he “ended up getting out of his mind” after getting into a physical fight with his colleague.

“The suspect stated that he stabbed the victim who fell to the ground, being hit more times while he was down. He confided that he returned home, took an ax and slashed at the victim’s throat, finishing his life. “, says the bulletin.

Rafael Silva’s preventive detention was ordered by Judge Carlos Eduardo Pinho, from the district of Porto Alegre do Norte (MT).

According to the magistrate, the crime occurred due to political-partisan differences.

“In a Democratic State of Law, in which political pluralism is one of its fundamental principles, the behavior of the custodian becomes even more reprehensible. Intolerance should not and will not be admitted, under penalty of regressing to times of barbarism. the other, it appears that the freedom of expression of thought, be it political party, religious, or other, is an inalienable fundamental guarantee”, affirmed the judge.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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