“There is nothing secret in the Electoral Justice”, says president of the TSE

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The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Alexandre de Moraes, said today (2) that there are no secrets in the Electoral Court, which constantly seeks to give maximum transparency to electoral processes.

Moraes’ statements were given at the end of the digital signature ceremony and the sealing of the electronic voting machines, at the TSE headquarters. The minister highlighted that this year there was a much greater number of people and institutions interested in attending the ceremony in person than in previous elections.

“This increasingly legitimizes the Electoral Justice and demonstrates that the Electoral Justice acts in a public, transparent way, and that it trusts its systems”, said the president of the TSE. “There is nothing secret in the Electoral Justice, the only secret and secret thing is the vote of the voter and the voter”, said the minister.

The ballot box signing and sealing ceremony is a public event that takes place every election and marks the end of the stage of development and inspection of electoral systems. During the ceremony, which began on Monday (29), TSE technicians compile the final versions of all the programs and present the final result for a final conference by dozens of election monitoring entities.

After verification, the inspection entity can digitally sign the final version of the software. From then on, if there is any intentional modification or error during copying, the signature becomes invalid. “This guarantees the authenticity of the program, confirming that it is of official origin and was generated by the TSE,” the court said.

This year, there was record adherence to the external digital signature procedure of the programs used in electronic voting machines and in other voting systems. According to the TSE’s Information Technology Secretariat, the Electoral Public Ministry, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), the Federal Comptroller General (CGU), the PTB and the Armed Forces signed the final version of the programs.

The last to make the digital signature was the president of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes. Then, the voting systems were sealed, which are stored on non-rewritable media, deposited in an envelope also signed manually and then locked in a safe room at the TSE headquarters.


According to the schedule of audits of the electronic voting machine and the voting process, the next step will be the ceremony, also public, in which the sealed media will be copied and the copies will be sent to the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs).

Once in the TREs, another public ceremony must be held so that the data is manually entered, through a specific port, in each urn, since the equipment does not have any network connection capability. The step by step of all the processes can be seen on the Electoral Justice portal.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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