EBC competes for journalism award in the area of ​​health, science and well-being

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THE Brazil Communication Company (EBC) is in the second round of the Einstein +Admirados Award from the Health, Science and Welfare Press. THE Brazil Agency competes for journalistic recognition in the News Agency category and the Ciência no Rádio segment, broadcast by Radio MECcompetes in the thematic contest in the Radio Program category.

Voting is organized by Journalists&Cia in partnership with the Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brazileira Albert Einstein. The initiative recognizes the work of specialized journalism and pays tribute to professionals and publications that cover these areas of activity.

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The selection values ​​the production of journalistic content developed by the press dedicated to health, science and well-being. The award elects, in two shifts, professionals and communication vehicles that stand out in these three segments, from the perspective of those who work in the sector.

Voting is open to journalists, communication professionals and people related to the area. To participate, simply complete a simple registration on the award website. The second phase of the competition continues until the 1st of September. The winners will be announced at a ceremony on October 10, in São Paulo.

Brazil Agency

Reference in the daily offer of content of public interest, the Brazil Agency produces materials with precision and clarity. The team features news in a variety of editorials, including topics on health, science and well-being.

For the executive manager of Brazil AgencyJuliana Andrade, the selection praises the journalism of EBC. “The classification for the next phase is an acknowledgment of the work of the Brazil Agency as a public communication vehicle concerned with bringing quality information to the citizen”, he points out.

The journalist emphasizes the social function and scope of the publications. “On our website, the reader has access to articles on service provision in the area, as well as content on public policies and research aimed at promoting the health of the population”, she explains.

Juliana Andrade reinforces the prestige of Brazil Agency in the journalistic environment and also with the audience. “We are a vehicle that stands out for the credibility and consistency of the information offered to society”.

The broad coverage, focused on the citizen and on information of national impact, arouses the interest of numerous websites and newspapers in the country and abroad. These vehicles use material prepared by the Brazil Agency in Portuguese and the texts translated into English and Spanish.

A source of trust, the relevant journalistic production is also observed by large media groups. Many of these vehicles access and republish news written by professionals from the EBC. “Because it is a public agency, our content can be reproduced for free, which further increases our reach”, emphasizes the executive manager.

The public communication content of the Brazil Agency has extensive and important repercussions. “The health section is one of those with the most replicated content. In the month of July, 18.3% of the articles in the Brazil Agency reproduced by other sites were from the health editor. The percentage is only lower than that found in the economics (28.5%) and general (25.4%) editorials”, adds Juliana Andrade.

Partnership with the National Observatory

Daily magazine of education and culture on the waves of Radio MEC, the Rádio Sociedade program is on the air from Monday to Friday, between 7 am and 8 am. Weekly, on Wednesdays, the production presented by Dylan Araújo features Ciência no Rádio, content produced by the station in partnership with the National Observatory.

The journalist explains that the purpose of the attraction is in accordance with the principles of public communication. “Radio has a special vocation to seek a simple language, with a vocabulary of broad domain. This facilitates the mission of scientific dissemination. We seek to disseminate scientific knowledge and guide researchers from the doubts, curiosities and interests of the population”, he says. .

Dylan Araújo cites the quality of the studies produced, the availability and commitment of the invited researchers to establish dialogues with society. The presenter gives examples. “Who is not interested in knowing more about the appearance of the so-called Blood Moon or understanding how the ‘right time in Brazilia’ is generated and controlled? The National Observatory is a great partner in this task.”

Awards Stages

The first round of the Einstein +Admirados Award from the Health, Science and Welfare Press ended on August 11, with more than 180 journalists nominated in the national, regional and columnist categories, in addition to 156 candidates among vehicles, programs and podcasts. The announcement was made a week after the end of the first stage.

The second phase of the election brings together 72 vehicles that qualified in the eight categories of the award after a free choice at the opening of registration. Competitors compete for recognition organized by News Agency, Digital Channel, Podcast, Radio Program, TV Program, Website/Blog, Printed Vehicle and Specialized Printed Vehicle.

Among journalists, 59 passed the national category. Many of them were also nominated regionally, with 24 qualifying in both categories. In these indications 36 different vehicles, programs or podcasts are represented.

The award ceremony will take place on October 10, in the Chella Room of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo. The event discloses the TOP 5 Brazil and the regional champions in addition to the +Admirado (a) Columnist.

Voting Einstein Prize +Admirados da Imprensa de Saúde, Ciência e Bem-Estar
Until the 1st of September, on the award website.

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