Soraya Thronicke defends gender parity in the executive branch

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The candidate for the presidency of União Brazil, Soraya Thronicke, defended today (25) that women have the same space as men in the executive branch. The statements were made during the candidate’s visit to Porto Alegre.

“Let’s bring parity [de gênero] within the executive power itself, which [hoje] does not exist. We fight so hard for parity but it seems that only the legislature needs to have real parity,” he said.

“We don’t want to take up more space than we should, but we want to have our space. Our space of power in Brazil, of being able to make decisions in our society. Balance is very important, that’s why I insisted that my deputy be a man, precisely to show that, to carry this message of what we want”, he added.

Thronicke again proposed reducing the tax burden and implementing a single tax in the country. “Brazil that produces needs support, it has to let Brazil work, Brazil make money. The tax burden is absurd in this country, which is extremely rich, but which does not have the return of the tax it pays,” he said.

“We have a proposal for a single tax, to take away 11 federal taxes and replace them with a single tax, with a small rate. And we can, with that, take the burden off the business community and help the economy to develop,” he added.

This Thursday, the candidate fulfilled her agenda in Porto Alegre. In the morning, she gave an interview to Rede Brazil Sul (RBS), an affiliate of Rede Globo in Rio Grande do Sul. She also visited the Fair of Women Entrepreneurs of the Patroas. In the afternoon, she visited the Expoagas fair, of the Gaucho Association of Supermarkets and the Public Market.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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