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The Electoral Justice received at least 28,000 candidacy registrations for the October elections. The campaign officially starts this Tuesday (16).

Twelve applications for the presidency and 12 for vice president were received; 223 for governor and vice governor, 231 for senator, 10,238 for federal deputy, 16,161 for state deputy and 591 for district deputy.

In Tocantins, eight candidates are running for office.

Check full list:

Carmen Hannud (PCO): is a 30-year-old psychologist, a master in social sciences and a doctoral student in psychology at the Federal University of Pará. Athos Daniel Rodrigues da Silva, 21, from the same party, was chosen to run for vice governor.

Colonel Ricardo Macedo (PMB): is 57 years old, born in Porto Nacional (TO), is an aviator in the Brazilian Air Force. This is his first election contest. The candidate for vice is Pastor Geldes, from the same party, 64 years old.

Dr. Luciano do Oswaldo Cruz (Christian Democracy): 47-year-old physician and professional at Hospital Geral de Palmas (HGP), he has never held public office. He has already disputed the positions of state deputy, mayor and later deputy mayor of Palmas, federal deputy and councilor of Palmas. The deputy of the ticket will be the administrator Luciene Mamedes, 53 years old, from the same party.

Iraq (PSD): Irajá Silvestre Filho, 39, is a senator from Tocantins and presides over the PSD in the state. He is the son of also senator Kátia Abreu (Progressives). The candidate has already held the position of federal deputy for two terms and also served as state secretary for Agrarian Development. The candidate for vice on the plate is Professor Lires Ferneda, a 71-year-old former mayor of Guaraí.

Karol Chaves (PSOL): A 41-year-old lawyer, Karol Chaves is from São Paulo from Osasco. She is an expert on women’s rights and LGBTQIA+ people and a master of regional development. She works at the 1st Secretariat of Social and Popular Movements of the PSOL in Tocantins. The deputy of the ticket is the electrician Silvio de Sousa (PSOL), 50 years old.

Paulo Mourao (PT): is 66 years old, graduated in agronomic engineering, was a constituent deputy. He was federal deputy for four terms, in addition to being mayor of Porto Nacional and state deputy. The candidate for vice on the plate is Professor Germana (PCdoB), 42 years old.

Ronaldo Dimas (PL): 61 years old, born in the city of Frutal (MG), Dimas has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Uberaba. He has been mayor of Araguaína (TO) for two terms and was also a federal deputy. He has also headed the Federation of Industries of the State of Tocantins. Economist Freire Júnior, from the MDB, was announced as a candidate for vice.

Wanderlei Barbosa (Republicans): 58 years old, current governor, Barbosa will seek re-election. He has been a councilor for Porto Nacional (TO) and also for the capital, Palmas. He was state deputy twice. He took charge of the state after Mauro Carlesse resigned. The candidate for vice on the ticket will be the former mayor of Gurupi, Laurez Moreira (PDT), 65 years old.

Updated with TSE data until 15:55 on 08/15/2022

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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