Government of SP may fine those who pass prank calls to PM and Firefighters

Since yesterday (12) people who prank call the Operations Center of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo (Copom) and the Fire Department Operations Center (Cobom) will be fined or suffer other penalties, as determined by the state government regulation. from Sao Paulo. The decree was published in Official State Gazette (DOE).

The fine for those who apply hazing will be 67.21 Fiscal Unit of the State of São Paulo (Ufesp). At the current price, the value is R$ 2,148.70. The amounts collected will be destined to the Public Security Incentive Fund (Fisp). It will be considered a prank call to trigger Copom or Cobom in an undue, illicit, unnecessary way, or that may cause disruption, suspension or delay in the provision of public service. The fine must be paid within 30 days, if the debt does not occur, it will be registered in active debt and in the Information Register of Unpaid Credits of State Organs and Entities (State Cadin).

When one of the operations centers receives a prank call, the police officer will fill in a Call of Infraction for Telephone Hazing with all the information on the call. This document will be analyzed and may lead to the initiation of an administrative process for the application of the fine. Information on the person responsible for the telephone line may be requested from operators.

The author of the link may request access to the link, which will be recorded and stored, to defend himself with the presentation of evidence. After the decision, there will be only one appeal in writing, once, within 15 days.

“We have a structure set up to serve the population of São Paulo focused on occurrences in the state and it is not possible to live with the prank calls that are given every day at Copom, diverting the police forces to something that does not exist”, said the governor of São Paulo. Sao Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia.

According to the general commander of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo, Ronaldo Miguel Vieira, the signing of this decree that provides against the measures of pranking practices directed at emergency telephones represents a reason for great satisfaction, as it guarantees better assistance to society.

The Copom and Cobom are responsible for providing immediate assistance to the population’s requests related, above all, to emergencies. In 2021, Copom received 19,129,779 calls, 7.11% of which were prank calls.

“Today, a law is regulated that characterizes the seriousness of the Copom’s work”, stated the Secretary of Public Security, General João Camilo Pires de Campos.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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