German consul in Rio will be subject to custody hearing today

The German consul in Rio de Janeiro, Uwe Herbert Hahn, 60, arrested earlier this evening (6th) on suspicion of involvement in the death of her husband, Belgian Walter Henri Maximillen Biot, 52, will be submitted to a hearing. of custody. It will be this Sunday (7), at the Benfica prison, where a judge will assess the circumstances of the act, to determine if the arrest is legal, if the rights of the custodian were respected, if he had the right to call a lawyer, for example.

Before the hearing, however, delegate Camila Lourenço, from the 14th Police Station (DP) in Leblon, where Uwe Herbert Hahn is being held, told Agência Brazil that she wants to ask the diplomat some questions. Camila informed that the procedure followed all the regular procedures, including being accompanied by the deputy consul general of Germany in Rio, who “was at the police station all the time”, and was triggered by the delegate herself, “out of deference and respect to the consular body”. ”, stated Camilla.

Camilla Lawrence.  assistant delegate of the 14th Police Station (DP) of Leblon, south of the city, where the German consul in Rio de Janeiro, Uwe Herbert Hahn, 60, was arrested early last night (6),

Camilla Lawrence. assistant delegate of the 14th Police Station (DP) of Leblon, south of the city – Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brazil

Hahn and Biot had lived for 23 years and currently live in a penthouse in the Ipanema neighborhood, south of Rio. Camila Lourenço informed that the case will be handled by the DP itself and will not go to the Homicide Police Station. “The case was considered by the 14 DP. He was charged with felony murder. The Homicide Department was left out of this investigation.”

report speaks

The delegate is convinced that the diplomat killed her husband. “Certainly. I usually say that the forensic report of the corpse also speaks. He screams the circumstances of his death”, stated Camila Lourenço. The expert report found several injuries throughout the body, resulting from blunt actions, injuries compatible with beatings, bruising, using a cylindrical instrument, injuries in the anal region, face, head. In principle, what determined the cause of death was brain trauma in the region near the back of the neck.

According to the delegate, the conclusions of the autopsy and the expert report are against the consul’s version. “His version is very fragile, it’s fanciful, it’s full of gaps. So, in a very safe way, I concluded that there was a homicide.” The delegate assured that Uwe Herbert Hahn acted alone. She explained that many packs of anxiolytic medication were found in the apartment, which signaled consumption in abundance and indicated that the victim was drugged, “which removed the possibility of any resistance”.

Agência Brazil sought representatives from the German Consulate in Rio, but the phones were not answered. On Friday night, emergency services were called to help Biot who, according to Hahn, had suffered a sudden illness, fell and hit his head. Doctors found the victim with cardiorespiratory arrest and multiple injuries. The body was sent to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) for expertise.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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