Simone Tebet registers for the presidency in the TSE

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) received yesterday (6) the application for registration of the candidacy of senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) for the presidency of the Republic. The slate is also made up of Senator Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP), candidate for vice presidency.

In the registration application, Tebet declared that he had declared assets in the amount of R$ 2.3 million, including real estate and deposit in a bank account. Mara Gabrilli’s list of assets totals R$ 12.8 million, between real estate and financial investments.

Applications will be supported by the PSDB-Cidadania party federation and Podemos.

The application for registration of candidacy in the Electoral Court is the first step towards the officialization of the names of candidates who have passed the party conventions and intend to run in the October elections.

Officially, the election campaign, when candidates can effectively ask for votes and disclose their numbers, starts on August 16th. Registration with the TSE and the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs) must be done by August 15th.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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