Sesc São João de Meriti presents literary tales

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Sesc São João de Meriti, in Baixada Fluminense, presents today (23) the project Reconto – Each one in their own corner, starting at 4pm. Entrance is free.

According to storyteller Benita Prieto, creator of the project, “each people has its mythology, stories that tell about time and the origins of things we see or only believe to exist. For São João de Meriti, let’s get to know myths that come from African, indigenous and other peoples lands. They help us understand the world.”

The event is part of the Sesc RJ Pulsar public notice and will be presented live and in a hybrid format, bringing together storytellers José Mauro Brant, Lucia Morais and Rogério Andrade Barbosa, who will be on the Sesc stage, while Benita Prieto and Tâmara Bezerra narrate their tales on a big screen, respectively from Portugal and Ceará. Among the stories that will be presented is Conquest of Firemyth of the Suruí people, from Roraima, told by José Mauro Brant.


The project was created during the most difficult period of the pandemic, which paralyzed the cultural sector. Storytellers sought to reinvent themselves and found their refuge on the internet. In 100% online and live format, the project has already had the participation of artists from all corners of Brazil and the world, as the title says, “each in their own corner”, showing the diversity of narrative languages ​​and their different accents. .

The artistic direction is by José Mauro Brant, award-winning actor, playwright, who shares the curatorship with Benita Prieto, storyteller and event producer in the area of ​​reading and literature, who now lives in Alhandra, Portugal.

Brant explains that “between 2020 and 2021 we made 10 100% online editions of the Reconto project, inspired by the book decameron, from Bocaccio, where a group of 10 young people take refuge from the black plague pandemic and spend 10 days telling stories. Our refuge was the internet and, like Bocaccio, we lived 10 journeys of stories, which allowed us to have memorable encounters”.

Sesc São João de Meriti/Teatro Sesc is located at Avenida Automóvel Clube, 66, downtown.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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