Post Office President talks about company recovery measures

The president of Correios, Floriano Peixoto Vieira Neto, interviewed on the program The Voice of Brazil this Thursday (23) talked about the changes implemented in the state-owned company in recent years. According to him, they were “radical and effective measures to correct the course and strengthen the company’s financial stability.”

According to the president of the state-owned company, actions were taken to strengthen governance and to speed up the investigation of irregularities. In addition, the company sought to rationalize its resources, getting rid of and even generating revenue from unused assets. The sale of 50 owned buildings generated R$ 41 million and an operation called Clean Pátio, for the sale of vehicles and other useless assets, generated a return of R$ 80 million. Floriano also highlighted that the changes in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (ACT) generated annual savings of R$ 500 million.

During the interview, Peixoto also talked about the company’s news, which has been adding a new product portfolio. “We are reinventing and discovering options to serve our customers with digital, physical and hybrid options”, he said.

According to the president of Correios, today the state company has 89 thousand employees. The company is present in 5,570 municipalities with 11,000 service units. “Even in those smaller and more distant municipalities, where we don’t have an agency, we have a mail collection center to serve the population”, he celebrates.

Watch the full interview:

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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