SP: Ubatuba starts in June tests for charging an environmental fee

The city hall of Ubatuba, on the coast of São Paulo, should start in June the tests for charging the Environmental Preservation Fee (TPA) in the city. The fee will be charged to all motor vehicles entering the municipality.

According to the Secretary of the Environment, the objective is “to raise money to invest in the mitigation and compensation of the socio-environmental impacts generated by the large flow of people who visit Ubatuba”.

The TPA was established by Complementary Law No. 9, of December 19, 2018, and regulated by Decree 7,867, of April 6, 2022. The amounts charged will be: R$ 3.50 for motorcycles; R$ 13 for small vehicles; R$1 9.50 for utility vehicles; R$39 for tour vehicles; R$59 for minibuses and trucks; and R$92 for buses.

According to the city hall, ambulances, official vehicles, armored cars and hearses duly registered in the municipality will be exempt; vehicles of service providers or that supply local commerce; vehicles of service concessionary companies; small vehicles of people who work in the city and vehicles of residents in Ubatuba.

They also do not need to pay the fee for public transport vehicles that transport workers from other municipalities; vehicles licensed in the São Paulo municipalities of Ilhabela, São Sebastião, Caraguatatuba, Cunha, São Luiz do Paraitinga and Natividade da Serra and vehicles that stay in Ubatuba for less than four hours. Vehicles licensed in Paraty, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, are also exempt.

To obtain the exemption, interested parties must access the site company Eco Ubatuba and make the request.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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