TJSP overturns decision that determined a semi-open regime for Gil Rugai

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The São Paulo Court of Justice overturned a decision that determined that Gil Rugai, convicted of the death of his father and stepmother, could progress to the semi-open regime. With that, he will have to return to the closed regime. The Court’s decision responds to a request made by the Public Ministry of São Paulo.

The Justice also determined that Gil Rugai be submitted to a psychological evaluation through a Rorschach test.

According to the Public Ministry, the Rorschach test, popularly known as the “ink blot test”, is a psychological assessment technique to identify personality traits of a person.

Gil Grego Rugai was sentenced to 33 years, six months and 25 days in prison, in the initial closed regime, for two qualified homicides committed against his father, Luiz Carlos Rugai, and his stepmother, Alessandra de Fátima Troitino, in March 2004. He is also responsible for the crime of embezzlement.

In a note, the São Paulo Penitentiary Administration Department (SAP) informed that the decision of the Court of Justice, which determined the return of Gil Rugai to the closed regime, was carried out yesterday (11) and he is being held in the Men’s Penitentiary II of Trembé.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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