System streamlines analysis of historical and artistic heritage

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Preserve the more than 28,000 archaeological sites, 1,200 heritage sites, 250 historic centers and 52 so-called intangible assets that exist in Brazil. This is the mission of the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan), a body chaired by Larissa Peixoto, an interviewee on the program Brazil on the agenda this Sunday (8).

According to the president of Iphan, since 2019 more than 70 assets have been returned to the community, completely renovated and another 76 are under construction that cost the public coffers around R$300 million. Larissa points out that Iphan is training personnel for the sustainable use of these goods, such as training people who clean altars or images of high historical value.

The president of Iphan also highlighted the joint effort to register Brazilian archaeological sites – which increased by 40% – and the use of an automated system that made the analysis of processes more agile. According to Larissa, 70% of the requests are analyzed by the system itself so that the technicians can dedicate themselves to the other 30% that may generate some impact on the historical heritage.

According to Larissa, this agility meant that projects that were more than 10 years old were analyzed. “Imagine, a person sends a letter to Iphan reporting the importance of an asset, waiting for it to be listed and, in 15 years, he does not receive either a yes or a no”, she said.

According to Larissa, when recognized as National Heritage, these goods – material or immaterial – receive greater appreciation from society and promotion through public policies.

The full interview you can check at 19:30 on the program Brazil on the agendagives TV Brazil.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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