Government launches website to sell mortgaged properties

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Assets of Union debtors, which were pledged in tax foreclosures or offered in administrative agreements, will be offered for sale by the federal government on a single platform on the internet. Named Bought, the site it was created, according to the Ministry of Economy, to increase the effectiveness of tax collection, fight evasion and increase collection.

The project was regulated in an ordinance published today (7) in the Official Diary of the Union and which enters into force on the 2nd of May. The platform will be managed by the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury (PGFN), which is precisely the legal body of the federal government that acts in tax executions of interest to the Union. In this first phase, only real estate will be offered for sale on the platform. There are 8,430 properties in the PGFN collection that can be sold, 223 of which are worth more than R$30 million.

In a second phase, the platform must provide deals involving other types of goods, such as vehicles, aircraft, vessels and works of art. By the rules of the new platform, debtors will have priority in debt equalization deals, before the assets are directed to sale. According to the PGFN, this is to ensure the debtor’s patrimonial integrity. However, if there is no solution, then the goods will be offered directly on the platform. The announcements will be made by brokers or auctioneers accredited by the government.

Offers may be publicized in the media, such as websites specialists and social media. Any interested person can offer an offer to purchase the advertised goods, including in installments.

The offers will already bring a suggested price for the properties for sale, but the interested party can make a counter-offer. If legal disputes stop the deal, the government refunds the amount paid to the buyer.

To access the platform, simply register on, the federal government’s authentication portal.

“PGFN’s expectation is that, in addition to contributing significantly to increased revenue, advancing the digitalization of the public service and interoperability with the Judiciary, the platform will reduce the non-strategic work of decentralized units, which today invest time and resources in the accreditation of sellers, procedural action in auction cases, and payment transformation in favor of the Federal Government”, informed the Attorney General’s Office.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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