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The Special Committee of the Chamber of Deputies that analyzes the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 18/21 rejected today (23) the emphasis that determined the punishment of political parties that did not apply the resources of the party fund in the creation and maintenance of promotion programs and dissemination of women’s political participation.

In the report by deputy Margarete Coelho (PP-PI), approved yesterday (22), the parliamentarian took a position against amnesty for parties that failed to comply with the minimum quota of resources for women and blacks in past elections.

The deputy maintained the punishments for parties that did not respect the minimum of 30% of women candidates in the elections prior to the PEC.

The approved text establishes that no sanctions will be applied to parties, including the return of values, fines or suspension of the party fund, that did not fulfill the minimum quota of resources or that did not allocate the minimum values ​​of sex and race in past elections.

The PEC follows a 2018 decision by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which determined that the distribution of resources from the party fund destined to finance electoral campaigns aimed at women’s candidacies must be made in exact proportion to the candidacies of both sexes, respecting the minimum threshold of 30% of female candidates.

On that occasion, the Court also decided on the obligation to use 5% of the party fund for the promotion of women’s political participation, already provided for in the Law on Political Parties. The text approved yesterday in the commission establishes an amnesty for those who did not comply with the rules in previous elections.

In the vote on the highlights of PSOL and Novo, against the amnesty, the rapporteur again defended the maintenance of the text, on the grounds that the action of the parties in the 2020 elections was hampered by the restrictions of the new coronavirus pandemic (covid-19). ).

“[O texto] has this power to recognize that the parties were unable to spend [os recursos previstos na legislação] because of the pandemic, and this justification, for me, is insurmountable”, said the deputy rapporteur Margarete Coelho, adding that “however, without being naive, I don’t know if all parties would fulfill the quota if we weren’t in a pandemic moment. But I’m not going to start from the assumption that there would be in all parties this spirit of circumventing this quota”.

With the conclusion of the vote, the matter will go to the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies and will need the vote of at least 308 deputies, in two rounds. If not modified, the text goes on for promulgation.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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