Biomethane can guarantee energy security in Brazil, says secretary

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Made from the purification of biogas and a clean alternative to gasoline, natural gas and diesel, biomethane gained support from the federal government yesterday and will be an essential component in guaranteeing Brazil‘s energy security amidst uncertain scenarios, said the secretary today. Deputy of the Secretariat of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Pietro Adamo Sampaio.

In an interview with the program The Voice of Brazil, Sampaio stated that the country has the capacity to reach a production level of 120 million cubic meters (m³) per day of biogas. As explained by the secretary, the commodity it is not subject to international price volatility, in particular fossil fuels derived from petroleum traded in foreign currencies.

Pietro Adamo Sampaio also explained that there is the possibility of using biogas and biomethane to generate electricity. The federal government estimates that R$7 billion will be invested in the sector by 2027.

Other renewable alternatives that should be introduced in the Brazilian market are second-generation ethanol, biodiesel and green diesel – which is currently being developed in the North of Brazil, explained Sampaio.

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From Brazil, by EBC News

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