TV Brazil producer undergoes surgery to contain bleeding

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Producer Wahby Abdel Karim Khalil undergoes surgery this afternoon to contain the brain hemorrhage suffered after being attacked in the condominium where he lives, in the neighborhood of Águas Claras, in Brasília. Khalil is producer of TV Brazilgives Brazil Communication Company (EBC), and trustee of the building where he lives. He is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Santa Lucia Hospital.

The journalist is conscious and clinically stable, according to the hospital’s bulletin. However, his condition is in danger of getting worse. Head injuries were identified. In a message sent to friends, Khalil reported that he has a lot of pain in his face and mouth, in addition to having a headache yesterday (17).

The assault took place yesterday morning. Khalil was punched in the face by a condo resident after an argument at the building’s gym. The aggressor, physical education teacher Henrique Paulo Sampaio Campos, argued with the victim about a punching bag installed in the condominium gym and, during the disagreement, punched him. Upon being hit, Khalil fell and his head hit the ground. The entire event was recorded by the security camera of the condominium gym.


In note, the EBC he regretted what had happened and made himself available to Khalil’s family. “THE EBC offers solidarity to employee Wahby Khalil, assigned to the Journalism Department, due to the aggression suffered last Thursday (17th). The Company deeply regrets what happened and informs that it is already in contact with their families providing assistance”.

Institutions linked to the administration of condominiums condemned the aggression. In a Repudiation Note, the National Institute of Condominiums and Support for Condominiums (INCC), the Brazilian Association of Landlords and Condominiums (Abrassap) and the Association of Residential and Commercial Landlords of the Federal District (Assosindicos-DF) considered it “intolerable” the aggression made by the physical education teacher.

“The entities consider the arrogant, arrogant and aggressive behavior of the condominium resident to be unacceptable. It is intolerable for a teacher to throw a punch, combined with truculence, disrespect and lack of civility, placing himself above the law, physically and morally attacking the condominium manager”.

The entities made lawyers and psychologists available to Khalil, in addition to other measures. They also asked for punishment to the aggressor and his exclusion from the Regional Council of Physical Education.

“In this way, the above entities repudiate the aggressions of the personal trainer Henrique Paulo, and we place the legal and psychological body of the entities mentioned above, at the disposal of the Luna de Águas Claras Residential Condominium for protective measures in favor of the victim, and for actions of injury. bodily harm, real injury, threat, moral damage and representation in the Professional Ethics Commission of the Regional Council of Physical Education of the 7th Region – CREF7 – DF, asking for his exclusion from the boards due to moral unsuitability”.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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