Firefighters rescue 11 people affected by rains in Ceará city

The Fire Department rescued 11 people who were affected by the heavy rains that fell this Saturday (12) in Várzea Alegre, Ceará

According to Colonel Nijair Araújo, commander of the Fire Brigade of Iguatu, a city neighboring Várzea Alegre, the city hall began today the work of surveying the number of homeless. Fire and Civil Defense vehicles continue to provide assistance to the population.

Commander Araújo said he believed that the number of displaced people should decrease today because the water level is falling in some places and part of the affected people are returning home.

However, Araújo warns that rain is forecast for the region. “Our fear is that there is still probability of rain in the place. As the region is very saturated with water, we believe that any contribution will already cause damage”, he informed.

This Sunday morning, the Fire Department is also helping those affected by the rupture of a dam in Cedro, a neighboring municipality, where there are also records of flooded houses.

According to the Ceará Public Security Secretariat, a helicopter is used to rescue victims. Firefighters working in Fortaleza were also sent to the region.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News