Brazilian reports a mixture of relief and concern upon arriving in Brazil

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Relief to be back in his country and concern for the friends he left in Ukraine. So, medical student Rony de Moura explained what he was feeling when he finally landed safely at the Brasília Air Base, along with 67 other people of different nationalities rescued from the war in Ukraine.

“I’m feeling relieved, but at the same time I’m worried about the Ukrainians I know. The owner of the house where I lived on rent and other people who I don’t know where or how they are,” said Moura after disembarking from one of the two Brazilian Air Force (FAB) aircraft used in Operation Repatriation. Born in Niquelândia (GO), Moura has lived in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, for three years, and has also lived in Russia.

To the journalists who accompanied the official reception to the group, the student told a little about the uncertainties and deprivations that people are facing in Ukraine. According to him, the sale of essential products is being rationed and there are “giant” queues at commercial establishments that remain open.

“I was not afraid of dying, but it was a reality check when I walked into a supermarket and there was no more water for sale. This was perhaps the worst moment for me, as I saw people desperate,” said Moura, explaining that, as he lives far from the center of Kiev, he did not witness the Russian attacks.

“As the place where I lived, in Kiev, is outside the city, the most I heard were two bombs that fell near my house. At that moment, I felt very afraid. But other Brazilians had more contact [com o conflito]”, he said, recalling that it took about 13 hours to cover a journey of approximately 440 kilometers between Kiev and the city of Lviv, where he was received at the Brazilian Embassy.

“From Lviv to the border [com a Polônia] it was more peaceful. We had a police escort, monitoring of the Red Cross. But on the border it was dramatic. There was a huge queue of people trying to leave Ukraine. We passed by being with the embassy staff, but there were many children and women waiting”, recalled the student, adding that he wanted to hug his girlfriend and son as soon as he was allowed to leave the Air Base.

In addition to Moura, the rescued group is made up of 42 other Brazilians, 19 Ukrainians, five Argentines and one Colombian. Among them, there are 14 children, as well as eight dogs and two pet cats.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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