Senate postpones vote on bill that makes firearms more flexible

In a tumultuous meeting, the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) of the Senate granted today (9), for the third time, [mais tempo para analisar a matéria] to the bill that amends the Disarmament Statute and makes access to firearms more flexible for hunters, collectors and shooters – the so-called CACs.

The impasse in relation to the opinion of Senator Marcos Do Val (Podes-ES) occurred because, according to most members of the collegiate, the parliamentarian failed to comply with the agreement signed in the previous session, before Carnival.

In the version presented today, in addition to making other changes to the project that had not been previously agreed upon, some promised changes were not confirmed. Do Val was criticized, for example, for expanding access to weapons to at least ten other categories, such as public defenders, justice officials, parliamentarians and public lawyers.

“I do think that public defenders are entitled to possession and ownership, but not in this project. [sobre os CACs], is not what we are deliberating. This will only legalize the project. I cannot understand why the agreements agreed later are not fulfilled”, criticized senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS).

Senator Fabiano Contarato (PT-ES) pointed out that the proposal frees up the general possession of weapons in Brazil. “The rule is the ban on carrying, and what we are seeing is this flexibility. And agreement has to be fulfilled. We made a three-point compliance agreement and those points were not fulfilled,” he criticized.

One of the unfulfilled points demanded by parliamentarians was the trip of a committee of senators to the Chamber of Deputies to fine-tune points of the matter before voting in the CCJ. With that, the idea was to create a consensus text that would make it possible to vote on the proposal in the House as it was approved in the Senate.

Other side

Senators in favor of the text presented today by the rapporteur tried to reject a new request for a view and put the text to a vote, on the grounds that there was no longer any support in the Senate’s regiment for a new postponement.

The issue ended up being decided by the CCJ plenary after a request, presented by senator Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA), in favor of a new request to review the text. The request was supported by 15 of the 26 senators and consideration of the matter was again postponed.


In the text that is being discussed in the Senate, Marcos Do Val has accepted, so far, fully or partially, at least 35 of the 96 proposed amendments to the text. One of them limits the number of weapons that can be registered by CACs.

The Chamber text set a minimum of 16 pieces of equipment, but did not foresee a maximum limit for the arsenal. Now, the idea is for the Army Command to determine the maximum quantity, “assuring the quantity of 16 weapons of permitted or restricted caliber per collection, of which six may be of restricted caliber”.

The project also increases from five to ten years the validity of the short firearm carrying document for sport shooters and reduces from five to one year the period that the sport shooter must wait, from the first issue of the Registration Certificate, to to be authorized to carry a firearm.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News

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