On the anniversary of São Paulo, artists show the role of indigenous people

The image of the indigenous teacher Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, who died two years ago, is stamped on 25 posters (artistic posters of varying sizes that are pasted in public spaces), scattered in various parts of São Paulo, such as Sacomã, Barra Funda and Cidade Tiradentes, on the occasion of the anniversary of the foundation of the city of São Paulo, celebrated this Wednesday (25).

The objective of the intervention, promoted by a group of ten artists and art collectives from the metropolitan region, is to give visibility to the violence against indigenous peoples that has been erased from official history, both in the capital of São Paulo and in Brazil.

The posters reproduce the image created by the artivist Mundano on a 618m² gable (each one of the side facades of a building) on ​​the side of a building on Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, close to the Sé Cathedral.

“I painted an indigenous warrior looking at the Catedral da Sé, in a territory that before being what it is, based on the story told by the white colonizers, that is, before being the Colonizing Ground Zero, was indigenous territory. there representing all the indigenous people who have lost their lives and their territories since 500 years ago and who continue to lose until today. Ari is Paulino Guajajara, Ari is the two Pataxó youths, Ari is the 500 Yanomami children. And his strength as a warrior and protector of life and the forest, echoes through my painting made of soil from the city of São Paulo and ash from the Amazon rainforest throughout the city”, describes Mundano.

It licks with the image of Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, an indigenous man murdered in April 2020 in Rondônia, in the Liberdade district.

It licks with the image of Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, an indigenous man murdered in April 2020 in Rondônia, in the Liberdade neighborhood. – Rovena Rosa/Agência Brazil

The artivist believes that art will draw the attention of people from São Paulo. “We hope that Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau touches the heart of everyone who passes by his path and looks into his eyes and that the message of fighting together and knowing about the history of this city that we still don’t know, the history of the genocide what happened at ground zero, if we understand it now in the present, we can change course and guarantee a better future for everyone”.

Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, an indigenous man murdered in April 2020, in Rondônia, was portrayed in a reinterpretation of the painting Bananal, by Lasar Segall. The great mural of the warrior Ari was made with earth collected at Marco Zero and mixed with ash from the burning of the Amazon collected by Mundano. The emblematic struggle of the Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau people is the theme of the film The Territorywhich won two awards at the Sundance Festival and was nominated for an Oscar.

Artivist AFolego is one of the artists who painted the mural with artist Mundano. She tells how it is to participate in the intervention. “I painted the mural, personally for me it’s a mix of emotions: sadness for having to make a memorial and an honor to be able to spread an important message”, says the feminist urban artist. “I am an artivist for the right of women to exist free and safe. My theme is always aligned with feminist theory”.

For the manauara artist André Hullk, art is reflection. “We have to reflect on our ancestors, know our history, not erase it, which is exactly what they want when there is prejudice”, he points out.

Amazon in the metropolis

The posters also include a message alluding to the preservation of the Amazon. For those who want to get involved in the fight for the defense of indigenous peoples and the forest, just use the cell phone camera to read the QR-Code reproduced on the posters and that leads to the Amazônia de Pé campaign: a petition that aims to create a law of initiative popular allocating the 57 million hectares of public forests in the Amazon for the protection of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, small extractive producers and conservation units.

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Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News