Sebrae takes entrepreneurship to needy communities in Rio de Janeiro

Third Sector institutions that work with professional training and income generation for people in a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability, residing in communities, can register until next February 10 for the public call for the Sebrae Third Sector Connection. Entries are made by site.

20 institutions from across the state of Rio de Janeiro will be selected. On February 28, they will participate in a meeting with the Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae RJ) to propose an action schedule for the year 2023. The selected institutions will be part of the Sebrae Community Network throughout the year, being able to carry out activities from March until November 31. The Sebrae RJ and Third Sector partnership may be extended for up to one year.

The Sebrae RJ analyst, Guilherme Allan, told the Brazil Agency that the purpose of the public notice is to bring together foundations, associations, religious institutions that already operate in communities “so that, together, we can serve more people in situations of social vulnerability”. Sebrae RJ will take courses, lectures and workshops to the selected institutions. “Perhaps the institution already has, for example, a hairdressing training course. We are going to take the entrepreneurship course, so that this training is even more complete. It is Sebrae coming in with its expertise and the institution already acting as it does”.


Sebrae is present in 20 communities in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, where it promotes entrepreneurship and helps thousands of small entrepreneurs to improve the management of their businesses and have access to the institution’s products and services. Now, Sebrae RJ wants to expand the number of communities served. For this reason, the public notice is open to Third Sector institutions throughout the state. “The more different territories, the better”, assured the analyst. The network of partners aims to strengthen ventures in communities.

“We are going to take all our courses, our didactic material. That is why we are selecting these partners in all locations, in order to be able to increase the number of communities that we serve”, clarified Guilherme Allan. It will be up to the institution to provide space for the courses and workshops to be given in the communities, in addition to having a connection in the territory. The workshops and courses will teach, among other things, how to run a business, how to set prices for that business to prosper and make a profit, said Allan.


Legal entities established as an association, foundation or religious organization are eligible to participate in the selection process. All institutions must be non-profit, highlighted Sebrae RJ.

With regard to religious institutions, only those that propose to serve people of any creed will be accepted. Institutions with any kind of link to politicians or parties will not be accepted either.

Sebrae RJ also informed that the legal entity needs to operate in vulnerable territories, such as slums and communities, or target people in situations of social vulnerability. These legal entities must work with income generation projects, professional qualification or insertion in the labor market, sports institutions and other purposes are not accepted. In addition, the institution must have been established for at least one year and operate in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The complete notice can be found at site. Doubts can be clarified by e-mail: [email protected]

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News