Registration for the Federal Revenue contest ends today at 4 pm

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Today (19) ends the deadline for registration for the Federal Revenue public tender. 699 vacancies are offered, of which 230 are tax auditors and 469 are tax analysts, with initial remuneration of R$ 21,029.09 and R$ 11,684.39, respectively.

Entries can be made until 4 pm (Brasília time), at site from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV). The application fee is BRL 210 for the position of tax auditor and BRL 115 for a tax analyst.

To participate, candidates must have a higher education, at undergraduate level, in any area of ​​knowledge. The contest will be held in two stages. The first stage has three phases: objective test and discursive test, both of an eliminatory and classificatory nature, and previous life research, of an eliminatory nature.

The tests will be held in all capitals of the country, on the probable date of March 19, in the morning and in the afternoon.

The second stage of the competition will be the professional training course, which will be eliminated. A specific announcement will be published to call for this stage. It will be developed in the modality online synchronous and asynchronous, distance learning, with tests carried out online and in person, in up to five poles: Brasília (DF); Manaus (AM); Recife PE); Sao Paulo-SP); and Curitiba (PR).

The course will also cover a week of face-to-face integration of candidates. At the time of registration, the candidate must order in descending order of preference the five poles in which he/she wishes to take the face-to-face tests and participate in the integration week. The distribution in each pole will consider the classification obtained in the first stage of the contest, the order of preference indicated by the candidate and the availability of vacancies in each pole to be defined by the administration.

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From Brazil, by EBC News

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