Fighting the fire at Galeão mobilizes 13 units and 80 firefighters

The fight against the fire that affects a module near the cargo terminal of the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro/Galeão – Antônio Carlos Jobim mobilizes 13 units and 80 soldiers from the Fire Department this afternoon (18). In all, 30 vehicles were activated and, among the barracks that operate in the place are those of Ilha do Governador, Grajaú, São Cristóvão, Central, Irajá, Nova Iguaçu, Penha, Tijuca and Catete.

Since the beginning of the afternoon, the flames have produced an intense column of smoke that can be seen from several neighborhoods. There is no information on injuries, and the concessionaire RioGaleão, which manages the airport, says that there is no impact on landings and takeoffs.

The Fire Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro informs that it became aware of the fire on social networks and that it was not officially triggered by the airport administration, by the number 193.

“According to reports, the Galeão Fire Brigade tried to fight the flames, without the support of the corporation, allowing the fire to spread. isolate the flames in the place where [se] started, removing the risk of propagation to the Air Base area”, says the corporation.

RioGaleão said, through a note, that the airport brigade works together with the Fire Department to fight the fire. As a security measure, the area was cordoned off.

The isolation of the area had an impact on the Federal Revenue’s work at the airport. The Institutional Communication and Fiscal Citizenship Section of the Regional Superintendence in the 7th Fiscal Region (RJ/ES) reported that, “as a precaution, RioGaleão asked that the administrative building where the Revenue Office occupies some rooms be evacuated.

“Some sectors of the Federal Revenue Service at Galeão Airport operate in this building, and the Division for Surveillance and Repression of Smuggling and Embezzlement of the 7th Fiscal Region (RJ/ES) is also located”, explains the agency.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News