Another irregular condominium built in a militia area is demolished

The Secretariat for the Environment and Climate of Rio de Janeiro and the subprefecture of Jacarepaguá interrupted today (17) the construction of a clandestine condominium on Estrada do Curipós, in the Anil neighborhood, west of the city. The area had been embargoed by the city of Rio since 2019, but those responsible for the project ignored all the administrative records to paralyze the works. The place is dominated by militiamen, who occupy the land, sell lots, set up the infrastructure and sell the properties, without the buyer being able to obtain the residence permit from the city hall of Rio.

During the operation, the agents found suppression of vegetation, construction without a license, irregular subdivision of land and other environmental crimes. In addition to city hall agents, police officers from the Civil Police and Military Environmental Police took part in the action.

The coordinator of Environmental Defense of the city of Rio, José Maurício Padrone, stated that the construction of the condominium was being carried out close to the banks of the Canal do Anil. “Deforestation and earthworks could lead to sediments in the channel, causing siltation and subsequent flooding, affecting the surrounding community,” he said.

The deputy mayor of Jacarepaguá, Talita Galhardo, said that this type of abuse needs to end. “Many people think they can go up a hill, clear the vegetation and build lots for sale. They earn money from people in good faith, who often don’t even know they are buying something prohibited, in an area of ​​environmental protection, and with serious risks to the preservation of the environment”.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News