New president of Ceagesp to be announced next week

The Minister of Agrarian Development and Family Agriculture, Paulo Teixeira, visited this afternoon (13) the Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais de São Paulo (Ceagesp), in Vila Leopoldina, in São Paulo. During his visit, the minister said he had appointed the former mayor of Jacareí (SP), Hamilton Ribeiro Mota, to occupy the post of CEO of the company on an interim basis.

The position of CEO of Ceagesp had been vacant since January 6, when the then occupant of the position, Colonel Ricardo Augusto Nascimento de Mello Araujo, announced his resignation, without waiting for the announcement of the name that would replace him. “I’m here on an interim basis to help you in whatever way is possible and within my power”, said Mota, in a presentation to the employees.

According to the minister, the name of who will occupy, in fact, the presidency of Ceagesp has not yet been defined. “I made a provisional nomination because the board resigned and it cannot be brainless. So I made a provisional appointment and I’m going to talk about Ceagesp’s management with President Lula”, said Teixeira. According to him, the expectation is that a new name for the presidency of the company can be announced next week. “We hope that the president [Lula] knock the hammer down next week.”

Until the end of last year, Ceagesp was linked to the Ministry of Economy, but a decree published on January 1st of this year, by the federal government, transferred its structure to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Family Agriculture.


This afternoon, the minister toured the São Paulo warehouse and later spoke with company officials. To these employees, Teixeira expressed that he is against the privatization of the company. “I personally am against privatization. I think a public company that makes a profit can continue to make a profit for the Brazilian people,” he said.

Speaking to employees, Teixeira said that he will have three major challenges in managing his portfolio. “President Lula wants to return to the PAA, which is the Food Acquisition Program, and wants to strengthen the Pnae, which is the National School Feeding Program. And he also wants to strengthen the Direct Purchase Program by Public Bodies of Family Farming. In a short time, we will strengthen family farming to fulfill three objectives: to feed the Brazilian people, to produce good and cheap food and to produce healthy food. And I include a fourth pillar, which is sustainable food: having an agriculture that helps to avoid further worsening of the climate issue”, said the minister.


Ceagesp emerged in May 1969, the result of the merger of two companies maintained by the state government of São Paulo: the State Supply Center (Ceasa) and the General Warehouse Company of the State of São Paulo (Cagesp). In 1997, it was federalized.

The company has 13 warehouses, which are located in the cities of São Paulo, Araçatuba, Araraquara, Bauru, Franca, Guaratinguetá, Marília, Piracicaba, Presidente Prudente, Ribeirão Preto, São José do Rio Preto, São José dos Campos and Sorocaba.

The warehouse in São Paulo is the largest supply center for fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and various [alho, batata, cebola, coco seco e ovos] From Latin America. Around 50,000 people pass through it every day.

According to the previous management, the company closed the year 2021 with a profit of R$ 27.382 million. Last year’s numbers have not yet been closed, but the expectation is that the profit will add up to R$ 24.511 million.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News