MPF and lawyers sue Supreme against deputies in coup acts

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The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) asked the Federal Supreme Court (STF) this Wednesday (11) to open an investigation against elected deputies and graduates André Fernandes (PL-CE), Clarissa Tércio (PP-PE) and Silvia Waiãpi (PL-AP). They must answer for incitement to crime during the coup acts that destroyed the headquarters of the Three Powers, in Brasília, last Sunday (8).

All of them made publications on social networks and were seen during acts of invasion of the headquarters of the Three Powers. In addition to public incitement to commit a crime, the MPF asks for their possible framing in the crime of attempting to abolish the Democratic State of Law, provided for in Article 359-L of the Penal Code.

At the same time, the Prerogativas group – made up of lawyers and jurists – also sued the Supreme Court against the same elected federal deputies and also Carlos Jordy (PL-RJ) and Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG). The elected state deputies Sargento Rodrigues (PL-MG) and Walber Virgolino (PL-PB) are also targets. The request is for everyone to be prevented from taking office at the beginning of the legislative year.

“Now, it is not acceptable or imaginable that people who have been elected as representatives of the people in a democratic regime, through free elections, can support, encourage and even participate in acts that violate the Democratic State of Law”, says the petition signed by the collective of lawyers. The same request was forwarded to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

The initiatives join those already taken by the PSOL and Rede parties, which also on Monday (9) asked for the inclusion of elected parliamentarians in the investigations into the coup acts on Sunday (8), as well as that they be prevented from assuming their positions. .

criminal inquiry

According to the MPF petition, elected deputy Clarissa Tércio, for example, posted videos of the invasions on her Instagram profile with the following caption: “We have just taken power. We are inside Congress. All the people are up here. This will go down in history, the history of my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren”.

Waiãpi also released videos on Sunday with the caption: “People take the Esplanada dos Ministérios this Sunday! Takeover of power by the Brazilian people, dissatisfied with the red government”. Fernandes, in turn, published a photo of the door of the office of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, at the Supreme Court, which was invaded and vandalized.

“The normative structure of the crime of incitement to the crime of preventing or restricting the free exercise of the three Powers of the Union, in terms of its typical objective assumptions, is fully fulfilled”, said the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, Carlos Frederico Santos, to whom the Attorney General of the Republic delegated the action in the case.

THE Brazil Agency tries to contact all the elected parliamentarians mentioned in the report.

Translated to english by RJ983

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