Government prepares emergency plan to carry out tests and surgeries

The Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, met with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva this Tuesday (10th), in Brasília, to discuss the portfolio’s priority actions in the first 100 days of government. After the meeting, she spoke with journalists, at the Planalto Palace, and reported on some of the measures in progress, such as the definition of a plan for carrying out surgeries and exams.

“We are working on the elaboration of an emergency plan for carrying out diagnoses, for surgeries, as one of the central points of action. The Ministry of Health works in an inter-federal logic, so we are going to discuss it with the National Council of State Secretaries of Health [Conass] and the National Council of Municipal Health Secretaries [Conasems] now, on January 26, for the joint definition of this plan”, he explained. Nísia said that one of the priorities is precisely to recover the “good inter-federative relationship” with states and municipalities in the formulation of health policies.

Popular Pharmacy

The minister also spoke about the resumption of Popular Pharmacy. Last year, the Bolsonaro government announced a 59% cut in the program’s budget for the 2023 Budget. Resuming the program became one of Lula’s main campaign promises during the election campaign.

She also said that the list of drugs offered by the Popular Pharmacy should be expanded, but did not give details about this expansion.

Nísia Trindade said again that, in the coming weeks, she should revoke measures taken by the portfolio “without scientific basis, which have no legal support or which contravene principles of the Unified Health System”, but without going into detail about which normative acts will be reviewed. In addition, by order of the new management, the folder is reviewing all contracts in force.


The Minister of Health also stated that she is normalizing the supply of pediatric vaccines against covid-19, which are in short supply in the country. According to Nísia Trindade, an advance on deliveries was negotiated with the Butantan Institute with the arrival, in the next few days, of 715 thousand doses and, later, another 2 million doses. Negotiations are also underway for the early delivery of vaccine doses from the manufacturer Pfizer.

“We will have the supply of these vaccines and then we will have to work so that society vaccinates its children”, he said.

More Doctors

Asked about the resumption of the Mais Médicos program, which aims to take professionals to the most remote and peripheral locations in the country, Nísia Trindade said that the weakening of the program, in recent years, has left a void in health care, and that now it intends to create better incentives for physicians to participate in politics.

“What we are working on is an incentive vision so that Brazilian physicians can have a greater participation in this program”, he said. She said that she does not intend to make legal changes to the current rules of Mais Médicos, which were established in the previous government, which even renamed the initiative Médicos pelo Brazil.

In the interview, Nísia Trindade also criticized the “destructuring of many programs” of the portfolio, such as Rede Cegonha, aimed at the health of pregnant women. “Brazil has increased its maternal mortality rates, and I find this unacceptable,” she commented. She pledged to recover this and other initiatives, especially in the area of ​​sexual and reproductive health, which were affected by ideological views in the previous government, according to the minister.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News