MPF calls for dismantling of camp at the Eastern Military Command, in Rio

Attorney Júlio José Araújo Junior, from the Federal Public Ministry in Rio de Janeiro, requested that the Military Command of the East (CML) take “urgent measures to dismantle and vacate the camp installed in front of the facilities of the Palácio Duque de Caxias”, headquarters of the CML. in the river.

The Palace is located on Avenida Presidente Vargas, in the center of the city, next to the Central do Brazil railroad terminal, through which thousands of people pass every day.

The camps in front of the barracks in several cities in the country were set up after the defeat of Jair Bolsonaro in the second round of the presidential elections, on October 30, by supporters of the former president who did not accept the result of the election.


The letter was sent last night (8) to Army General André Luis Novaes de Miranda, Eastern Military Commander, after acts of vandalism by extreme right-wing radicals, who invaded and destroyed the Planalto Palace, the National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court, in Brazilia, during the afternoon.

In the document, the prosecutor argues that the country witnessed “coup acts, with terrorist methods”, with the depredation of the headquarters of the three powers. “The criminals attacked the democratic rule of law and showed total contempt for the institutions of the Republic,” said Araújo.

“Such violent acts put the lives of numerous people (including public and private agents) at risk, caused damage to public property and, above all, caused fear and insecurity among the population in general. In addition, they generate apprehension that new coup mobilizations will occur, not only in Brasília, but throughout the country”, says the letter.

The official letter was signed electronically at 8:25 pm and gives a deadline of 12 hours for the measures to be taken. After the deadline, the camp remained in place around 10 am today, with no police or army movement in the square. Many Military Police cars could be seen parked on other streets in the center of the city.

The report sought the CML and awaits response.


Via Twitter, Mayor Eduardo Paes announced that he met early in the morning with the Municipal Secretary of Public Order, Brenno Carnevale Nessimian, and with the commander of the Municipal Guard, Inspector José Ricardo Soares da Silva, “to guarantee respect for the democratic state of law in the city of Rio”.

“Until tonight, Rio City Hall will, in collaboration with the Army and the Military Police, promote the removal of all objects and tents that occupy the public space taken over by demonstrators who attack democracy in Duque de Caxias Square. ”, said the mayor.

The Official Gazette of the city also published Decree nº 51.923 today, which allows exceptions to the work schedule of the Municipal Guard and suspends vacations and licenses for agents, due to the “temporary need of exceptional public interest” due to the “serious events that occurred in Brasília, which gave rise to the decree of federal intervention in the Federal District, with the objective of putting an end to the serious compromise of public order in that federative unit, marked by acts of violence and invasion of public buildings”.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News