Western Australia faces flood emergency

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Saturday his government was ready to provide any needed support to residents of the Western Australian state, where record flooding has isolated far-flung communities.

The crisis in the Kimberley – an area almost three times the size of the UK – was triggered this week by the severe Ellie weather system, a tropical cyclone that brought heavy rain to the vast region.

Among the hardest-hit places was Fitzroy Crossing, a town of about 1,300 people where supplies were being flown in due to the flooding, which officials said was the worst on record in the state.

Albanese said his government was “working constructively” with the Western Australian government on the crisis in the sparsely populated region that also includes the tourist town of Broome.

“These floods are having a devastating impact, many of these communities … are struggling communities, and the resources are simply not there,” Albanese told reporters in the city of Geelong, Victoria.

“My government is ready to provide any support that is requested.”

The country’s meteorologist said that severe weather is no longer occurring in the state, but that “the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings will be issued if necessary”.

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From Brazil, by EBC News