Covid-19: Brazil records 26,400 cases and 210 deaths in 24 hours

Brazil recorded, in 24 hours, 26,400 new cases of covid-19 and 210 deaths as a result of the disease. The numbers are in the bulletin released on Friday night (6) by the Ministry of Health.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has accumulated 36.4 million confirmed cases of covid-19 and 694.7 thousand registered deaths. The number of recovered patients adds up to 35.2 million.

The state of São Paulo has the highest number of records of covid-19 and deaths as a result of the disease – 6.3 million cases and 177.6 thousand deaths. Then appear Minas Gerais (4.1 million cases and 64.5 thousand deaths); Rio Grande do Sul (2.9 million cases and 41.5 thousand deaths) and Paraná (2.8 million cases and 45.7 thousand deaths).

The state that records the lowest number of deaths from covid-19 is Acre (2,040), followed by Amapá (2,166) and Roraima (2,180).

Epidemiological bulletin 01.06.2023

Epidemiological bulletin 01.06.2023 – Disclosure / Ministry of Health


According to the vaccinometer of the Ministry of Health, 498.8 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 have already been applied in the country, with 181.5 million from the first dose and 164 million from the second, in addition to 102.7 million from the first dose. reinforcement and 40.5 million from the second reinforcement.

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From Brazil, by EBC News