Lula defends a leap in quality in education, culture and health

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva defended, this Friday (6th), during his first meeting with the 37 ministers of his government, the need to take a leap in quality in education, culture and health in the country. “This will be the mandate of my life, everyone knows that I am obsessed with ending hunger and improving the health of the people. Because I know a lot of people who died with a prescription on the nightstand next to their bed and didn’t have R$50 to buy a medicine,” said the president at the Planalto Palace.

Still in the area of ​​health, Lula mentioned several problems identified by the transition team and said that he wants to change the reality in regions that today are not covered by various medical specialties and in the Emergency Care Units. “We even moved forward with Farmácia Popular, Mais Médicos, which was simply destroyed. Many people die without being attended to by the specialist because there is no vacancy. If we don’t solve this problem, we are not living up to the expectations people have placed on us,” she said.


In the area of ​​Education, Lula said that he will have a meeting with the head of the portfolio, Camilo Santana, to deal with the situation of the 4,000 paralyzed works. “Next week, I already want to have a meeting with you to discuss what we are going to visit in school renovation, because we have 4 thousand works in the area of ​​education paralyzed. I don’t know if it’s a kindergarten, university, federal institute, but whatever we have, we’ll have to get our hands dirty,” said Lula.

The president highlighted the school of the former governor of Ceará for the command of the portfolio. “Among all the states, Ceará, over many years, has had the most important history of elementary and basic education”, he recalled. For Lula, it is necessary to be aware that if the child is not trained in elementary and basic education, it will be more difficult to become a well-trained professional. “Brazil cannot spend another century exporting iron ore, soybeans and corn. We have to export knowledge and intelligence,” he said.


To the new Minister of Culture, Margareth Menezes, who heads one of the portfolios recreated in Lula’s new term, the president said that he intends to carry out a cultural revolution in the country. “The people need culture, because part of the violence exists due to the absence of the State in fulfilling its obligations. There is a lack of health, education, leisure, sports, almost everything”, he noted.

The PT added that the Culture folder encompasses the development of young people, of the vulnerable population. “What youth are we raising? The State, instead of blaming the poor people of the periphery, has to occupy the absence of the State and be present where the people need us”, he charged.

When talking about his disposition for the next four years, the president joked: “I won’t budge on this commitment. You will see the 77-year-old man with energy and who will not have a minute of tiredness until we manage to solve society’s problem”.

Translated to english by RJ983

From Brazil, by EBC News